Learning how to say less

I am a huge fan of Tim Ferris’s podcast, and I look forward to each episode. I was, however, hesitant about listening to his interview with Amanda Palmer, who always struck me as somewhat “unhinged.” To my relief she is surprisingly down-to-earth and I took quite a bit away from the interview. Of particular interest to me is her advice to always say less: “I’ve definitely had a battle all my life with economy. I’m a maximalist, and I’ve driven collaborators, and managers, and boyfriends, and girlfriends, and pretty much everybody in my life crazy because I always want to add more.”

Later, she talks about continuing to struggle with minimalism, especially when it comes to her relationships. Nevertheless she always keeps that one piece of advice in mind: say less. Outside of relationships, this applies just as well to writing and teaching. As Ferriss notes, “Most teaching fails from too much information, not too little.”