More atheists in Brazil?

More atheists in Brazil?

Hey, look, a Pew study on the changing religious landscape in Brazil! This report is part of the Pew-Templeton Global Religious Futures project (unfortunately funded by the John Templeton Foundation), and while it’s mainly concerned with Protestants and Catholics, there’s a nice little bit on folks with no religious affiliation, including agnostics and atheists. Looks like they’re expanding:

[T]he number of Brazilians with no religious affiliation, including agnostics and atheists, also has been growing. In 1970, fewer than 1 million Brazilians had no religious affiliation. By 2000, that figure had jumped to 12 million (7%). In the most recent decade, the unaffiliated continued to expand, topping 15 million (8%) in Brazil’s 2010 census.

Also of note, slightly more men (10%) than women (6%) don’t identify with a religion.