Do Canadians Trust Atheists?

Since I follow a lot of research related to religion, I wasn’t surprised
to see yet another survey of religious beliefs, this time conducted by the Association of Canadian Studies.

While the majority of Canadians believe in God and that there is life after death, most don’t consider religion an important part of their lives, especially among the wealthiest Canadians. That’s all well and good, but I think the most interesting result from this study has to do with trust.

Canadians that aren’t religious or identify as atheists are seen as more trustworthy than Canadians that are religious. As I was mulling this over (well, okay, brooding), I remembered something that Phil Zuckerman said in his book Society without God: Danes and Swedes are overwhelmingly indifferent about the religious beliefs of their political leaders and few of them think that it would be better for their respective countries if more people with strong religious beliefs held public office.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this post, but if you’re so inclined, head on over to the Friendly Atheist to read Hemant Mehta commentary on the study and the comments that followed. Oh, and watch this video: